Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban and the message

Queen Zenobia's Grand-daughter
Dr. Bouthainia Shaaban
is the spokeswoman of the Syrian government
most of you have seen and heard her ,on the Media.
The US administration , which has run out of lies
and ran out of tricks, unsuccessful or otherwise,
have frozen all assets of Dr. Shaaban in the USA.....
Fine with me !!
it shows only the US's choice and quality of weapons.
But ,
Since when one fights against the messenger
instead of fighting back against the message ???
And ,
Dr. Shabaan has no assets in the USA  !!
I guess the next target , against Syria ,
would be to put President's Al Assad Private-dentist
on the " No Fly List".
Sherlock  Hommos
I might be next !! too

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