Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Qatari Trojan horse in the Arab-Media
A fat-tin-soldier-puppet-ruler,
testing the Buckingham´s palace grass.

We all have rejoiced when AL JAZEERA
was established more than a decade ago.

But one question remained ,always ,in my sceptical-mind :
"How come a Gulf-State would finance and operate
a pan-Arab-national-critical-channel ??"

Al Jazeera is owned by the Prince of Qatar
it is based in Doha-Qatar
and the editor in chief is an (appointed) Qatari.

Qatar being an absolute-puppet-monarchy
based purely on Oil and Gas-exports
invented artificialy  by the British-colonial-empire
and even offering now Military bases for the USA.

How worse can it get ?? !!

It went smoothly and nicely ,
with critical-reporting all defending the " Arab-side "
and even having an-English-speaking-channel.

So far so good !!

But , when it came to Syria ( and Libya)
this Qatari-owned-Trojan-Horse unveiled itself
and sided 100% with the Western-Media´s hegemony..

You may not agree with me that Syria is a victim
of an 85% orchestrated-foreign-destabilisation-intervention
with only  a 15% localy-motivated-uprising.....
But ,please , understand that the Foreign-Medias
are molisized and focused on a Syrian-regime-change
and Al Jazeera is the solist-tenor , that is
serving Qatar,which serves the Arab-Gulf-policies
which ultinately serves the West.

Therefore,  I accuse Al Jazeera
of not being what it were supposed to be...!!

Raja Chemayel

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