Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mother Teresa is not coming to Libya
Qaddafi also , has helped
the poor and needy !!

If Mother Teresa were still alive
and if she were asked to replace Colonel Qaddafi
she would inherit  and control :
1- 135 Billion Dollars in Cash
2- 324 Billion Dollars of investments worldwide
3- the nearest oil wells to Europe and the cheapest oil to extract
4- 10% of world-finest-oil-reserves
5- a country without debts and the highest standards in Africa
     and 11Th high worldwise.

Due to the fact that Mother Teresa died ,already,
she would not have accepted this job,
because "power corrupts even the angels".
I guess that another tyrant-in-the-making
shall take over very soon.

It is a "happy ending" for imperialism
and for the western-greed.

Sherlock Hommos
Head-Hunter for new tyrants

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