Wednesday, November 2, 2011

some factual statistics
no synagogue in Israel
is a big as  this one ,in Pilsen.

There are more Holocaust-survivors 

in Florida,USA than there are in Israel.

There are more Jews in and around New York
than there are in all of "Israel".

There are more Semitic-blood 

among the Palestinian-population
than all the Jews together.... and worldwide , too !

There are more "grand-children of Abraham"
in the Palestinian-Refugees-Camps
than all the Slavic-fake-Jews imported lately into Israel .

There are more
"Jewish" historical monuments 
in Budapest or in Warsaw
than any city in Palestine (Israel)

There are more lies and deceptions
supporting Israel´s claim to exist
than all the fabricated-truth by the Zionists.

Raja Chemayel

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