Sunday, January 1, 2012

8 Type of persons who would disagree with me
This Syrian-civilian,
 is surely not a follower of  Mahatma Gandhi

nor did he ever entcounter democracy

There are  8 type of persons who would think that
the uprising in Syria shall lead us to anything positive
for Syria , or for the Middle East , or for the Palestinian-cause

1- the blind
2- the politically-short-sighted
3- the followers of Main-Stream-Media ( otherwise known as "Parrots")
4- those feudal-idiots ruling the western-side-of the Arabian-Gulf.
5- those who think that any Western-democracy could save Palestine
6- those whom El Assad never allowed to share his dictatorship's benefits
7- the pro-Zionist who would like to see that Israel´s surrounding-Arabs
    would all be castrated .
8- those who (probably) might know better than me.

Which one are you ??

Raja Chemayel
رَجا  شْمَيِّل
My first message in 2011

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