Saturday, January 7, 2012

There are details ..............and details
Hope and glory

Whenever  Hezbollah is mentioned ,
 the fact that they are Shi´aa is also automatically mentioned  .

As if this would be a relevant detail ,
for which one must pay attention for .

Also most of the times , in Western-media, at least ,
it is mentioned as such : " Iranian-backed-Hezbollah"

As if this detail ,(Iranian-backed) must put all of us on some: alert-mode.

I wounder how come nobody , and I mean nobody ,
has ever mentioned the religion of those ugly Israelis
nor the detail that the USA backs them and even feeds them.....??

Raja Chemayel,
divorced and remarried-father-of-two.
(twice-monogamist !!).
marketing-manager-naturalised-Dutch-citizen. Dyslectic.
drives a Swedish-car , while dreaming of Italians.
married to a blond , while dreaming of brunets .
fan of:
Woody Allen- Jacques Brel-Dvorak-Brassens-Marx Brothers-Ziad Rahbani
Django Reinhard and Claudia Cardinal (whom I never met).....

for more details on me, ask the Tax-office of Amsterdam .
for more details on Hezbollah, ask the US-Embassy in Beirut.
in both cases be sure the details would be relevant.

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