Thursday, October 11, 2007

some Statistics.....for the 4'clock Coffee

The women of Iraq
who are obviously 50% of the society
The Christians of Iraq
who are satistically 14% of Iraq
The Baathist-Party-members of Iraq
who were factually 31% of Iraq
two and half Million refugees
who are 11% of total Population
three and half Million internally-displaced
who are another 18% of total Population
The other minorities in Iraq
who are practically everybody else,
except the Shi'aa.
All do regret the loss of President Saddam Hussein.
Those who do not share this opinion are simply a minority in Iraq
even in the USA where now 70% opposes this war of aggression.
Of course my home-made-statistical-analyses
does not include the British-Government
who are neither women nor Iraqis
and most probably not Christians neither ....
So statistically speaking , the person who regrets
the loss President Saddam Hussein, the most , would be :
An Iraqi Christian Woman member of the Baath Party
or better said :
A Secular Christian Emancipated Iraqi woman,refugee
or even better ,
Any Secular and emancipated Iraqi Woman-refugee.
Those not regretting the loss of President Saddam are:
HallyBurton Inc.
Blackwater Inc.
Dick Cheney VP
Bechtel Inc.
all the smugglers of Kurdistan
all the Pimps in the Green-Zone
Ehud Olmert and Co.
and last but not least ,
President Ahmadinejad.
Conclusion :
the Happiest Iraqi today, would be :
A Shiaa-Pimp living in the Green-Zone
and working for HallyBurton while spying for Ehud Olmert,
recommended by Dick Cheney and smuggling via Kurdistan
some vital-information to Ahmadinejad.
For example Dr. Ahmad Chalaby...... among many others.
Sherlock Hommos
11th day in October 2007

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