Tuesday, October 9, 2007


40 years ago
they used the bullets
to kill a Saint

40 years ago
they spoke with their own language
when they sent their CIA to Bolivia

40 years ago
they showed us a cadaver
reminding us of Jesus, but without a Mary
an orphan-Jesus......because this Jesus was an orphan
he was not the son of God , but the son of mankind.

40 years ago
another Martyr
and surely not the last Martyr

40 years ago
the Che did not ride on a bus in Jerusalem
the Che did not ride a donkey triumphaly parading in Jerusalem
the Che went on foot into Bolivia,
his own Via Dolorosa

40 years ago
and yet on the third day,
he did not resuscitate
probably because he never died !!

Viva el Commandante !!

Raja Chemayel
Raja "Che" mayel

9th of October 40 years later

- Less T-shirts...and more Revolution ! by Juan Kalvellido, Tlaxcala

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