Saturday, October 13, 2007

Should there not be an Oscar for Peace ??

Al Gore has lost to George Bush
thanks to the Florida voters' honest-choice.
But fate has had better plans for Al.
Imagine Al Gore having to fight against Al Qua'eeda
instead of George.
Imagine Al Gore having to land on an Aircraft-carrier
and declaring Mission Accomplished , instead of George.
No Sir ,
life has treated Al much kindly ,
and much more favourably than to George.
Fate has turned an honest man even out of that American Politician !!
Fate made Al enter history without blood on his hands !!
Fate made him loose to George so he may ,one day, win an Oscar
and a Nobel-Peace- Price.... ..this is unique !
Holly Macaroni !!
not even John Wayne got so far...
and Jimmy Carter did not get an Oscar
but Menahim Begin got himself a Nobel-Peace- Price ,only !!!
Conclusion :
to loose from George Bush, is the first step towards success !!
ask the brave Iraqi insurgents , they need no Oscar !!
and they are winning..... ...and I do not mean a Nobel-Peace- Prize
Funny that only yesterday Al Gore's documentary- film
was declared inaccurate and having 8 scientific mistakes
which needed corrections, before allowing it into schools.
Could it be that The Nobel-Peace- Prize is as good as any Oscar ??
A Friend of mine who teaches Ethics told me that the word
"Hypocrite" means an "actor" in the old Greek language.
So could there be a connection between the Oscars
and the Noble's Prices??
are they all actors and (or) hypocrites ??
Should there be an Oscar for Peace
or rather a Nobel-Prize for acting ??
Raja Chemayel
awaiting either an Oscar of a Peace-Price
what ever comes first !!
13Th day of the tenth month in 2007

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