Thursday, January 3, 2008

of Tunnels and absurdities

In life, one encounters odd situations
which often are at the limits of absurdity.

I remember the film:
The Great Escape
with Steve Mc.Queen among other stars
don't you ???
The key of that adventure , whether true or not,
was a Tunnel...... ..

Tunnels by definition are: "underground passages
that avoid a barrier , natural or not "

Having just passed a week in Switzerland,
I realised how would Switzerland be without its tunnels.

Palestine is not Switzerland unfortunately
otherwise the Zionists would rather be there
and not in Gaza....although Zionism or the State Israel
was symbolically born in Basel, Switzerland.
And I wounder if the Israelis would have been better
skiers than children-murderers. ....?

Why I now speak of tunnel's and absurdity
is the fact that soon all Palestinians would have
to dig tunnels under that WALL to visit their uncle Mazin
or the cousin Wael.......or just to reach their Olive trees.

People of Gaza build tunnel's to smuggle their liberating-guns
and liberation-bullets. ........nowadays with that new Global War
on Terrorism, the tunnel's are used only to smuggle the bread
and the Aspirins for the it becomes the liberating-bread
and or the liberation-Aspirins .

The year 2008 starts today
and I presume my brothers in Palestine
shall become more active in tunnel-building than the Swiss.

Tunnel's are one solution of avoiding a problem
but destroying or rather eliminating any problem
would be better than avoiding it.
The Swiss cannot throw away the Alps in the sea
because the Alps are there before the Swiss ,
and the Alps are Switzerland ....but Zionism is not Palestine !!

Raja Chemayel
the second day in 2008

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