Thursday, January 3, 2008

Registred Trade Marks

"Registered Trade Marks"
are an international registration- norm to protect the names ,
the signs and commercial symbols and logo.

It is not 100% proof that nobody would copy it
or try to copy it....

I , for example , am wearing a fake Swiss-Watch
with a very illustrious name.......for three good- reasons:
first because it looks good and secondly because
it costs me about 100 Dollars only.
And third this watch of mine serves my purpose
of socially looking better and that on the expenses of another.

The same goes for Al Qua'eeda ( Al Kayda or El Caiida)
which nobody has registered it yet as a Registered-Trade- Mark.

So what is happening is that anybody and everybody
can and does use it for his own purpose..... ..
Some assassinated Mrs. Butho
others are active in Algeria
others park their cars carelessly in Baghdad
others use the Underground Metro in London
today they are in Morocco and tomorrow in Fiji islands
and the most famous one took place in Manhattan......remember ??

So what we ought to do is to oblige its creator , the CIA ,
to registered it officially.. ..
and secondly to agree on the way of spelling:
Al Qua'eeda or El Kaiida
just to avoid fake and copies and further abuse.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Trade Mark' s Registration Office Manager.

PS :

George Bush has registred for a Trade-Mark on "Democracy"
Israeli has applied for " owners of Palestine"
Zionist have applied for " victims of Terrorism"
Jews have applied for " the only victims of a genocide"
Palestinians have applied for " Peace of the Brave"
Italians have applied for " Mama's big love"
Germans have applied for " I know better "
and finally Lebanese have applied for " cleverer than the others"

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