Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Year of Hugo

The Year of Hugo

a year follows the other
2007 shall make place for 2008
while 2007 automatically becomes..... ...... history

2007 did not achieve anything much worth registering
for to tell to our grand-children:

1.Tony Blair did not leave his office, with hand-cuffs on.

2. George Bush did not attend the funerals of Ariel Sharon

3. Ariel Sharon is still kept alive artificially,
just like that State of Israel.

4. Israel did not re-attack the Lebanon but has ,
instead,send us Kouchner and Rice

5. Iraq is divided in three parts
and then each third is again divided into two,
the opportunist- traitors against the clean-nationalists
......making a total of 6 sub-Iraq.... at least !

6. Afghanistan is no way near any success
nor even near to any improvement.
and Opium prices did not rise , lately.

7. The Russian-Bear is heavily re-arming himself
and the Chinese-giant just woke up
with full-pockets but empty from idealism .

8. Colonel Qaddafi went on camping..... ...... in Paris ,
and King Juan Carlos lost his good manners.

9. Only Hugo Chavez is the only winner , in this year,
morally, politically and ethically.

10 .In Palestine , we saw the first government
from the people and by the people
being sabotaged by those who took the leadership
as a profession.

11. Lebanon cannot find a President who can dance Rock and Roll
while wearing a Turban , at the same time.

12. the Syrians got out of the Lebanon
but the Lebanon did not (and cannot) get out of Syria

13. Sherlock Hommos, PhD. has started a new Blog
and called himself as being Mr. Raja Chemayel...

wishing you a
2 0 0 8

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