Friday, May 23, 2008

It is merely a mean of transportation

a converted

A bomb, any bomb , should explode
not in your own ware house ,
but on the head of your enemy.

You need not to be a genius
to figure that one out .

How to transport that bomb from your warehouse
to anywhere near (or above) your enemy ,
is the relevant question .

The rich-and-powerful have a lot of Air-planes ,
Rockets ,Tanks , Missiles , Ships , Artillery ,
Sub-marines and even the Valise-Diplomatic. ....
as a mean of transportation for their bombs .

But supposing you have none of those
transportation- equipments,
what would you do ??
or what can you do ??

Well obviously you carry it , by yourself.
You carry the bomb from your warehouse
to your enemy,
a kind of personal-delivery....
or a door-to-door- delivery.

OK !!
now we all know , how it reaches the enemy
in the case of the poor delivering it to the rich.....
or to the richer-enemy .

But ,
why is it so that when the Rich uses a B52-bomber
or an F16 jet-bomber it is called "war"
and when the poor-person carries it ,by himself ,
it is called "Terrorism " ???
or "suicide-bomber" ?

Next time we are again bombed in Beirut,
Kabul, Belfast , Baghdad, Basrah or Gaza ,
by whoever usually does it to us,
I shall demand that the Pilots of those F16-jets
would carry their bombs, personally , to deliver them...
face to a man !!

I wounder whom can we call "coward"
the Pilot up there ? or the man-walking. .....??

Raja Chemayel
give me a loaded B52.....and I shall bomb the terrorists !!

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