Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thre is still 22% of Palestine

The world is still expecting any progress on the
Palestine-Israeli- negotiation- front .

I am afraid everybody will be disappointed
because very soon ,
Olmert will be charged and convicted for bribery
Bush will be charged with lying about everything he did
Abbas will be caught for buying 5 Mercedes-Benz
with the EU-subsidies.
Tony Blair will be voted as the lair of the Century
Ismail Hanniyah will die from hunger
Husny Moubarak will die from obesity
Arab-Kings will all die ,simply, from old-age ,
because tyranny and corruption
are not punishable by local-laws.

Benjamin Nathaniahu will be back
and he shall negotiate with Colonel Qaddafi
whether to return the Spanish Sahara
to Spain or to Algeria .

Anyhow ,
there is still 22% of Palestine not yet stolen
(although fully occupied)
so the Zionists have not finished their work yet.

In the meantime ,
we shall all follow that Olympic Torch closely
or see who will win the Cannes-Festival- best-film
or assist at the European Fooball Cup.

By the end ,
they will leave us a five-square- inch piece of Land
where we shall plant the Palestinian Flag ,
and call it " the Two-States-Solution ."

Raja Chemayel
21st of May 2008

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