Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the opposit and the opposition

opposition talking...

Lately, in the Sharm el Scheikh Resort ,
(the only safe place for Husni Moubarak and for George Bush)

The President of the United States of America
has given a speech after meeting with a lot of docile
and well-fed-local Leaders from the Middle East.
It was at the World Economic Forum , meeting.

That speech would amount to a farewell-speech
given that George cannot be be-elected like all
of the others present in that audience can ......
some even were never elected
and yet they became leaders...
(like the King of Jordan who has a British-grand-father
and married a Palestinian-Beauty to compensate that.)

Never mind that detail ,
let us concentrate on that speech
which theoretically could and should be
considered as "historic"

99% of that speech was all George Bush's wisdom ,
(which we all do know)....but one advice caught my attention
which George gave to those leaders , he said :
"..... do not mistreat your local opposition forces
and throw them into prisons,,,,.."

To my personal and my practical knowledge,
from Morroco to Iran and also Pakistan,
there is not one opposition who would like
George Bush nor the USA
(with the exceptions of the Iranian-opposition
and the Syrian too )

Therefore, when the opposition goes to prisons
in those countries.....
the jailers are all pro-Bush and pro-USA
the judges are also pro-Bush and pro-USA
and the US-Ambassadors decide who comes out.....

Funny !! to me , it sounded like :
Bill Gates asking us not to use a Microsoft
Mac-Donald asking us not to eat Big-Mac's

Since when does George care for any opposition,
in the third world ?? or even in the States !!

Sherlock Hommos

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