Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Dirty , the Clean and the Obelix

the Dirty

the Clean
and the obelix

Lebanon (Phoenicia) was always in the middle
of many Historical happenings and between
many different Empires and Cultures....
nothing new....nothing strange.

Lately two opposed Lebanese leaders
went simultaneously to visit Cairo and Tehran.

Both leaders were Christian-Lebanese
and even from the same sect (Maronites) ,
but as I mentioned, both are enemies to
the unthinkable- extremes.

Cairo without Jamal Abdel Nasser is no more my Cairo
and Tehran without the Shah is today better than Cairo .

So you can figure out who has my sympathies
and which city does not deserve it.

Incidentally and accidentally ,
I remember a spot in the plateau of the Bekaa ,
north East of the Lebanon,
just behind the majestic city of Baalbek..... .
one finds an Obelix dating to the third-century before Christ.

Why and what is than Obelix doing there ???
in the middle of a deserted field ,
among the world's best plantation of cannabis ????

This Obelix was set there , after a peace agreement between
the Pharaohs of Egypt and the Emperors of Persia...... ..
it was a Border-post ( a mile-stone) separating two empires.

Today's Pharaohs are Puppets to the ultimate emperor
residing in the White house....... ..
but the Emperors of Persia are no more emperors.

As an Arab I should prefer the rulers of Cairo
but as an intelligent- Arab , I should not.

Back to the Obelix 15 km north-east of Baalbeck :
it did not move since 300 BC, neither did those borders....
thus Lebanon"s internal-politics is but an international one,
Lebanon is a laboratory's- experimental- test-tube
with even an obelix inside.

Raja Chemayel
on the border lines.....

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