Friday, October 24, 2008

The Kingdom of Heaven .....the film

The Crusaders , or rather ,
the Zionists of the twelth century !

Finally !! and with great delay ,
I saw the film , " Kingdom of Heaven"

and if I may , for a while , become a Film-Critic
I would say that it is the best (historical) film about Jerusalem.

But "best" does not mean "perfect"
and the word perfect is utopian one
and is subject to many and any personal evaluations.

For once the Arabs are not the "bad-guys"
which is a great achievement by
the film-industries-standards .

Secondly , the film shows that there were
good-crusaders and bad-crusaders
and I wonder how could anyone be a "good-crusader" ??
Unless someone would come to Jerusalem unarmed
and would go back home , a month later ....
but that would be a pilgrimage
and not an invasion-robbery-occupation......a crusade.

Never mind this detail , because ,
I cannot re-write history , nor can I design it .

The film has had extremely short dialogues , because,
obviously each word counts ,
in such a controversial and sensitive
part of the East-West-encounters .

One part is deliriously wrong and propagandistic
and probably Zionist is when shortly before
the Armies of Salah ed-Din (Saladin) would break
the walls of Jerusalem to liberate it....
the Hero of that Film.......( a French-man , naturellement !!)
makes a speech to the Europeans inside the city and says :
" none of us was born when this city was taken away from the Muslims
and no soldiers outside those walls (the Arabs) , neither was ......."
if I were the translator of hypocrisy and of hegemony's,
I would translate this text as :
" the descendants of the thieves may keep the stolen-Jerusalem
and the sons of the Jerusalemites have no right to try to repossess it "

As if this film's message were to be :
Zionists of today may keep what the Zionist of yesterday have already stolen
and the Palestinians ought to shut-up and not to try repossess their Palestine"

Who ever wrote the dialogues to this film apparently forgot
that not everybody , on this side of the wall , is an idiot
and that 28% of the Palestinians are anyhow older than the "State of Zion"
and 8% are inside the Walls of Jerusalem itself
and 17% are inside the Stolen-State itself
and 53% are in the Occupied-state
and 56% are outside waiting for Salah ed-Din the second..

Finally , I say , it is the "best" film ever,
but nontheless not perfect !!

What is undeniably significant and beautiful
is the other message of that film ............which says :
The Kingdom of Heaven is inside your minds and hearts,
and not in Jerusalem"

This is a film that each Zionist, each Israeli
and each Christian-Zionist must see.

Raja Chemayel
Jerusalem is in my heart
and factualy on my land...too !!


globe said...

"and 56% are outside waiting for Salah ed-Din the second.."

i would add ; that will never come...

i mean the westerner zionist supporter... are not stupid unfortunatly , they learned that they must keep the enemy "busy"! so no one of the neighberhood of jerusalem or even their brothers living far away , could even in their imagination , think to repair the dammage , and the injustice around jerusalem.. ;

the end of the times is coming :( ?

Anonymous said...

While I agree it's an enjoyable movie (but in no way historically accurate), I disagree with your feelings upon the dialogue when Saladin threatens Jerusalem. After all, Jerusalem was not always in Muslim hands. Muslims captured the city in 638AD and the Byzantines and the Romans held it before them. To quote Balien in the film, "Who has claim?"

Anonymous said...

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