Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who shall pay for the Dinner ??

a good start , .........
but only the end counts !!

As teenagers one of our hobbies was to play poker ,
whereas at the end of the evening
the winner would invite all of us for a dinner...... ....
a kind of "social-capitalism" ........
invented by me and my secular-multi- confessional- friends
in the end of the 1960's.

We knew that each penny lost on that table, that evening,
would be, by now, in the pocket of the winner.

None of us has had a PhD in economy yet,
but a bit of logic and common-sense helped us
to figure out who must pay and also what to order later ,
according to the size of the profit of that lucky winner.

Now , 40 years later , I see and hear that
the Stock Market has collapsed and that practically
and obviously everybody has lost ....
so I ask myself: when everybody has lost , who has won ??
where did the profit go ?? or where did the capital go ??
the losses must be equal to the profits of someone else !!
the profits of the winner, are equal to the losses of all others !!

and who is paying the Dinner , today ??? for the losers.

George Bush , Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarcozy
are offering large sums of that the agreed-upon- Dinner ??
is that a hidden-confession ??
If not , who shall pay for the Dinner ,
where did the profit go ??

Russians-magnates and Saudi-Royals
and even Chinese-officials have all lost immense fortunes...
where did it go ?? who cashed it ??

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Free-lance-profit- manager

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