Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Facts are stronger than assumptions ...

Lost in translation. ....?

it will be prooven that it was not Al Quaa'eeda
nor Mr. Ben Ladin who have brought down
the Twin-Towers of New York , would the USA
pay damages to Afghanistan and to Iraq ??????

When it will be prooven that the Israelis are not Semites
nor do they have any relation to the Bible's-population ,
would the Israelis pull-out and pay all damaged ??????

When it would be prooven that Mr. Moussavi
did not win those elections in Iran
would the CIA, MI6 and the BBC apologise ???

Are those facts related ??

No !......not necessarily , unless,
one would say that :
facts are stronger than any and all assumptions !!
and even the best-assumptions are no facts !!

Sherlock Hommos
assuming, I were right !!

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