Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Amnesty International's Report on Gaza,0.jpg
Also guilty .....???

Amnesty International
came up with its report on Gaza :

Both Hamas as well as Israel are
accused of "War Crimes" !!

No problem for me !!

Let us punish both
in the same proportions as
the human-lost and material-lost
on both sides....

Also let us judge , the motivations of both
taking into consideration that one side is:
the occupied , deprived , starved ,
besieged and previously exiled .

While the other is not , but is the reason
of all the stated miseries of the first.

Also we should also consider
the material and military-tools ,
used by both sides.

And then we shall put in prisons
the responsible- persons, from both sides.

Sherlock Hommos

PS :
The Israeli to be imprisoned shall
see for the first time a prison from inside.
And the Hamas to be imprisoned shall
have enough food and water, for a change .

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