Monday, June 29, 2009

The Media , Madona and Michael
The old-Devil and the new-Witch !!

For the coming 15 days ,
I beg of you all to carefully watch
which Media shall mention that Michael Jackson
has converted to Islam , and which Media shall never do it.

Make your own statistics
and then make your own conclusions.

As if ,
it were "wrong" to convert to Islam
as Michael obviously did , therefore it is rather irrelevant.....
but otherwise it is perfectly alright to do as Madona recently did,
....converting to Judaism !!

Bearing in mind that you cannot convert into a "race "
.....although Jews pretend to be a race-people-nation-culture.
When it is normal to convert to Islam , which is
a brotherhood of beleivers , a Religion.....the Religion !!

Madona can now " inherit " the Land of Canaan
while probably Michael Jackson , would in theory
enter the Heavens....without ever stealing Mecca.....
nor stealing Jerusalem.

Bearing in mind that Madona , "legaly" ,
may steal Jerusalem now that she became a Jew....

Back to our story !

Watch the news , please ,
and tell us who or what shall ever reveal to us
and indeed to the large public, that Michael Jackson
died as , a converted-Muslim-person ?
and who shall not mention it ?? and how often ??

Raja Chemayel


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