Monday, September 21, 2009

The Buffer-Negociations
The God-promised
steel and cement.....paradise.

It is wise to reflect on those New-Settlements
and all those discussion and negotiations
between the Obama-flying-circus and that Nathaniahu´s Monsters....

This is a smoke screen , a delay tactics
and most of all a buffer............ yes !! a "negotiation- buffer"
which might be a new term in the political-jargon. ....
but indeed a "Negotiation- buffer "

which is practically a newly-introduced- added-negotiatio ns
whose role is to prevent or to delay
the real-effective- useful-original- negotiations.

In other words ,
the negotiations whether or not to stop those NEW-SETTLEMENTS
are just to delay the core of the matter which is the OCCUPATION
and better said :
to delay the existence of Israel ,
as a colonial-occupying- oppressor-impostor-pirates- state.

Obama and his gang shall loose 3 to 5 years to see
whether those Settlements will stop , or should stop.....
or eventually not stop .

Which practically are simply a "Buffer-Negotiation" to protect
the real-Negotiations concerning the Occupation of Palestine
or rather, the Liberation of Palestine.

We all fell in that Trap !!!
The TV Channels are full of it !!
The Palestinian Authority are running to any and all "talk-shows"
and Hamas is excluded and ignored..... .as usual.

So 5 years from now ,
let us remind each other and look back to what might happen
and also if anything happens ......why it will cost 5 years
to declare that a house build on a stolen land is illegal,
by any book !!

Raja Chemayel

I have been waiting 61 years for any fruitful-negotiatio n

PS : If the term Buffer-Negotiations ,indeed , never existed
then please give me the credit for inventing it ,
or at least , discovering it.

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