Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Tale of two States
the pure and the impostor.... ..

There is this first state who might have Nuclear bomb ,
only in 10 years from now.

There is second state that does have it ,already,
since 20 years .

The first state declared verbally
to wanting to " wipe off the map " the other ,
while that second state is getting ready to bomb that first-state ,
after wiping off another nation .

The First state never occupied another country since the last 2350 years
while the Second state does nothing else !!........since its creation
and it even stands ,itself , on "stolen-land" .......60 years.

The second state was the initiator for 5 expansion-wars in 60 years
while the first-State has had only one boarder-war on its imposed-boarder- lines
which were drawn by the Imperial Britain.

The first nation-state is 4520 years old
while the second state pretends to be a fairy-tale
issued from a classical- misinterpretation of the Bible
and is fabricated from an impostor-people.

Sherlock Hommos

let the war start !! it happened before.....

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