Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How did the most famous Holocausr-victims leave us ???

Simon Wiesenthal
He died of old-age..... .
after and outside the concentration- camps.

Ann Frank ,
Pneumonia !!!
inside a concentration camp.

Elie Wiesel
There are even serious doubts that he ever were
inside any Concentration- Camp !!
and he is well alive and much healthy,still .

The most famous Holocaust-victim
was Simon Wiesenthal ,
and he has survived two different concentration- camps
and lived thereafter much longer ,
to establish his world-wide-organisa tion.

The second most famous Holocaust victim
was Ann Frank , who did not survive the camp
because she died from Pneumonia .

I do not know who is the third most famous
Holocaust-victim. ......but 83% of the chances are
that he or she might have died from Tuberculosis
or 61% from the Hunger .

Incidentally ,
many many German officers and many soldiers
also died from Pneumonia and or fromTuberculosis.
So did the French , the Russians , the Danish
the Italians, the Dutch and the Belgians too....

I do not deny the Holocaust
I do doubt the size of it

and I doubt its content
I do doubt its alleged purpose .

And finally
I refuse completely that any Palestinian
pay the price for the Holocaust
which, by the way ,
has already been totally paid........by Germany ,
and in Cash !!!!!

Sherlock Hommos
Trying to survive the State of Israel


loungelizardess@hushmail.com said...

I'm tired of Zionist lies! They never needed Palestine in the first place, they have their own Jewish haven since 1935 in Russia.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birobidzhan it still awaits them! If they don't want that they should be given Afghanistan, let them make it bloom! We will not even visit!

Green Idea Factory said...

In regards to Jewish, homosexual, communist, gypsy and other political/cultural/religious civilian victims, it does not matter at all if someone died in a chemical gas shower, en route to a concentration or death camp, forced march, shot and dumped into a pit, raped and strangled, killed in a bombing, died of any of a number of diseases or starvation.

It does not matter if it was 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 million Jews, they were also civilians BUT also fell under a specific protocol, please Google or Bing "Final Solution" etc, and whatever the number it is very likely Zionists would use it to justify their actions, including those against Palestinians, and now in somewhat subtle and not consistent ways, BUT you can attack this without disrespecting the people who were killed, including many of my relatives on both sides, and their friends.

Arguing that Anne Frank died of a disease (and not, presumably, in a gas shower) is like arguing that if a Palestinian running away from Israeli soldiers tripped and fell and then died, or indeed was hit by a car driven by other Palestinians, that it was somehow not the Israeli govt. that killed them.

If Frank died in a fall whilst being forced by Nazi police to go down the stairs from her family's hidden home, you would argue that she died because there was no lift!

Your pneumonia thing is just a garbage argument which gives nourishment to idiots like loungelizardess and other racists.

I would argue that conscripted and coerced soldiers are also victims of World War II, not any more or less tragic than the civilians, but still to be understood as having a different role, a different meaning, than other victims, which were killed for similar and different reasons.

Anonymous said...

Dear Green Factory ,

My point was that after all , some victims did survive the concentration-camps.
Be it luck or be it good health or be in God´s will.....!!
Wiesenthal survived 2 camps !!!

Having said that , I repeat loudly that concentration-camps anywhere and at any time are the most inhumane phenomena.