Sunday, August 28, 2011

One and half billion Dollars is a lot of money !!!!
The NATO, the USA
and Libyan-NTC

Just in case you did not hear it yet ,
1,5 Billion Dollars( which are 1.500 Millions Dollars)
have been released to the Libyan National Transitional Council.

Who ever  released the money,has committed a criminal act
because he did not own this amount, nor it had the authority  to
handed over to any other than the owners.

This money was legally deposited,  by a fully legal government.
It is now illegally released , to an illegal entity.......
to an anonymous entity

For your information and as a matter of comparison :
the late Rafik El Harriri has rebuilt the whole of Beirut,
(after 20 years of immense destruct ions),
with only 2 billion Dollars !!

If this is not a national-assets-robbery of Libya, then what is it ??

Raja  Chemayel

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