Thursday, September 1, 2011

My first passport , Nelson Mandela and Colonel Qaddafi and the USA
Nelson Mandela  greeting his greatest-supporter.

The greatest democracy in the world : The USA
did not allow Nelson Mandela to visit the USA until the year 2008
because he was still branded as a " terrorist ".

While ,
the Qaddafi regime supported the ANC and Mandela
since 1969 up to the day Mandela became the President of South Africa.

I remember having had my first Passport in 1968
when I went to study in Europe.......
inside my Lebanese-passport ,on the first page,
it was written :
"Valid for all countries except South Africa"
because the Arab-League decided long before Europe
to boycott the Apartheid of South Africa.

And I do not recall that the USA ever boycotted
the racial-South-Africa............logically because :
the racial-South-Africa was a twin sister to Israel.

Raja Chemayel
September first 2011

Beside the ANC , there is not one liberation-movement, on this planet,
which did not get the support from Qaddafi.

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