Monday, August 29, 2011

This morning I became a philosopher
"Tell me who your sponsors are,
and I shall tell you how honest is your cause"
"If you ever seek help from the devil
then, you cannot be serving God 
nor humanity !!"

" To exchange a Tyrant by another
is like getting married again,
just because you hated your first mother-in-law"

" If and when, you decapitate your dictator
this alone does not make you, necessarily,
a free person.

" How come left-wing-Arab-dictators are assasinated
while ,
right-wing-Arab-dictators die in a hospital-bed ?"

" Al Ja
zeera was a morphine-addiction
just to make us happy and satisfied
until the time  came
for  Libya and Syria "
"If anything, whether good or bad,
 produces a
then it is a Crime !!
regardless to what you will call it ,later.

Raja Chemayel

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