Friday, July 6, 2007

The Bomb , the Bomber and the Bombed

Often if you know the Bomber ,
he (or she) will surely lead you to the Bombed.

On the other hand , if you know the Bombed
you may more easily guess who was the Bomber.

In any classical-conflict ,
Bomber and Bombed are enemies
which makes it easy to trace the perpetrators
and the victims ,as well .

In Iraq,
this theory is not always applicable.

Take the example of yesterday's Bomb in the district of Dora, in Baghdad.
(27 dead plus a lot of injured)

It killed and wounded , Shi'aa , Sunnies , local Policemen
and incidentally also some Kurds......probably.
Let alone the fact that this Bomb did not target
any meaningful building or square or any symbol or event .

Just a Bomb destroying everybody and anybody.
Which makes the analysis and investigations more difficult , if not impossible.

So I must conclude that the Bomber in this case
was not an Iraqi-Kurd ,
nor an Iraqi-Shi'aa ,
nor an Iraqi-Sunni .
which makes him (or her) a non-Iraqi-person............
consequently , a non-Iraqi-Bomber.

Let me think, for a while !! ............

if it wasn't an Iraqi Bomber.......
who else would be interested in killing Iraqis ??
all Iraqis , and any Iraqi !!

Any suggestions ??
Did I awake any logic-conclusions ??
any-suspicions ??
any Bomber , I might know ??

Sherlock Hommos ,PhD
Preventing human Demolition

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