Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What Language ??

Mao Tse Tong spoke Chinese to the Vietnamese
Karl Marx spoke German to the Russians
Jesus of Nazareth spoke Aramaic to those
who were praying only in Hebraic.
Mohammad spoke Arabic to the Arabs

The Catholic-Church spoke Latin to all the Europeans
The Orthodox Church spoke Greek to the Russians
The Copt-Church spoke Coptic to the Pharaoh's children
And Mohammad spoke Arabic to the Arabs

The Zionist spoke Yiddish to the Polish Jews
The Israelis have had to first learn Hivrit ,
before talking to the Ethiopians

Golda Meier spoke Russian to her mother
Isaak Rabin spoke Lithuanian to his mother
Ariel Sharon spoke Russian to his mother
Simon Perez spoke Polish to his mother
Arafat spoke Arabic to his mother

Jamal Abdel Nasser spoke Arabic to all the Arabs
Anwar el Sadat spoke English to only the Egyptians
King Hussein spoke English to his sons
Saddam Hussein spoke Arabic until his hanging moment.

What language you want to hear ?
What language pleases you the most ?
What language seduces your mind ?
Have you tried the language of the Truth ?

I write to you in English because my PC has no Arabic-system
I speak Dutch to my Children , and German to my wife
and French with my cousins,
but Arabic to my mother....and I speak Arabic to my God.

Raja Chemayel
an Arab writing in English


Joseph G. said...

so Allah...one of 3,000 pagan gods in the kabba from prior to the time of Muhammad...whom Muhammad and his followers accepted as their "God" and Muhammad claims to have recieved revelation from...that Allah...he only speaks Arabic...or he at least favors it...sorry, i'm a Coptic Orthodox Christian by faith, not by inheritance and growing up as a Coptic Orthodox Christian...and i KNOW that the True God...The Holy Trinity, accepts all languages equally and doesnt expect the average person to learn a language to speak to Him or read His word. ...the sad thing is that when Copts tried to speak a language of their own the Muslims cut off their tongue whenever they heard the Coptic language... most Muslims are just decendents of former Christians who had very weak or no real faith and just convereted, or they were poor and couldnt pay the jizya, or they are decendents of murderers because they killed those who didnt convert to Islam. Islam was spread by the sword.
There is no God but God! Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ is the Son of God!

tamref said...

beautifull blog to bag i can not readit in arabic

Anonymous said...

you remind me of the facists-phalanges in my Lebanon.....as for me I speak Arabic to my christian-God even if I were to be a copt , which I am not.
with all due respect, I never heard of any "tongue cutting" ......on which planet did it happen ??

Raja Chemayel

Dr. Zuhair said...

عزيزي رجا
كم فرحت امتلاكك لحيز تجمع به مقالاتك، لقد انشغلت الفترة السابقة بأمور عائلية وأخرى صحية
فلم الحظ رسالتك الا قبل قليل.
المؤلم يا عزيزي في امتلاك حيز أو موقع على النت؛
انك وكل صحبك ستكونوا مضطرين لقراءة ملاحظات للبعض ممن لا يستوعبون الكلمة أو يريدون لها تشويها،
فالبعض خلقوا ليشوهوا الجمال والبعض تشوهاتهم تنتقل بالعدوى لما يقولون....
أعاننا واياك رب العالمين!!
لك تحية والكثير من المحبة.
د. زهير نافع