Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Money talks and Chavez too !!

We hear and see that President Hugo Chavez
is spending millions of dollars on the social infrastructures
in his country and other millions for helping other
Latin American countries with their developments.
Fine with me !!
and my congratulations to Latin Americaand
and indeed to humanity .
Nevertheless ,
I do have a question :
Before the coming of Hugo Chavez to power
who was spending all that available money
and where did it go to ??

Could it be that some people,before Chavez, got extremely rich
by never dividing nor sharing that money with the needee populations ??
Or perhaps that , there were then no poor, nor any disinherited-people ??
before Chavez .
I was just wondering ......
how many Bank Managers in Switzerland
or Luxembourg or Lichtenstein,
do not at all, like Hugo Chavez ??

Sherlock Hommos
investigator in Social-matters

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