Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lord Blairfour

Lord Balfour gave once away a country
which was never his
he gave away Palestine which was not even yet occupied by him,
the Turks were there , the day he promised it.

Lord Balfour gave away Arab-Palestine
to a French-Jewish- Millionaire- Banker , Baron de Rothschild ,
who was probably the richest man on Earth
looking for some new fruitful colonial investments.

King Leopold of Belgium got the Congo for himself
Cecil Rhodes got Rhodesia
and the Baron de Rothschild got Palestine... ......

And Zionists told us , all the time, that Palestine "never existed"
so how could Lord Balfour give away anything that "never existed" ??
regardless to the fact that it was "never his own" either ??

Palestine indeed existed and still does.

The Zionists mentioned it in all their colonial-manuals
and criminal-theory- books.
Lord Balfour mentioned it in his illegal promise
and the United Nations Assembly
agreed on it (nevertheless but under many conditions)

So the Zionists got themselves an unlawful promise
from an unlawful owner to go and grab a country which "never existed".
Once there, they chased out from that " country without people"
one million Palestinian refugees.

So Palestine which "never existed and was non-inhabited"
produced one Million refugees after being offered on a silver plate
from the one who did not even own it , let alone even occupy it.

So much for Lord Balfour..... ..

60 years later,
a colleague of Lord Balfour
who goes by the name Blair ( very soon Lord Blair) or Blairfour... .
comes to fix-up the whole mess
which until now, has not created a safe heaven for any Jews
nor justice for all Palestinians.

This Blair invaded Iraq just to make Israel safer.
This same Blair shall bomb Tehran just to make Tel Aviv even safer
and this Blair shall play now the referee in a match
between the people of that "never existing country"
and the people who pretend to be its people
while having Ethiopian and Lithuanian mothers simultaneously
and who knows , how many fathers..... !!!

Blair is to establish Peace,
when he could not even win any war ,
neither honestly , nor otherwise.

Blair is coming to repair Balfour's crime.
Mission Impossible ?
or the Impossible Missionary !!

When you never want your car to be repaired
you just take it to the wrong garages.

When you want your opponent to loose
you recommend him a bad Lawyer.

When you never want Peace
you just trust it in the hands of the wrong negotiator.

Of course Mahmoud Abbas shall welcome Blair
because he has nothing to lose.

And Ehud Olmert shall also welcome Blair
because he cannot lose.......

Long Live Lord Blairfour !!
He shall promise what he has not
and he shall have nothing to promise.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
maybe not a historian but so much he knows !!
the 3rd of July 2007

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