Sunday, February 10, 2008

The New- Nero

The Christians never did burn Rome
The Muslims did not bomb the Twin-Towers, neither.

In June 1967 Egypt did not invade Israel
but the contrary , did happen.

Palestine did not occupy Israel
Poland did not , in 1939 , invade Germany

Christopher Columbus did not reach
the back-side of India
another new continent.....

Christians did not burn Rome
the new-Nero burned Baghdad
and part of Beirut ,
this new-Nero will not dare for Tehran.

Gaza is not besieging Israel......
Rammallah is not ruling Tel Aviv.

Rome survived the Christians
those Christians even took over Rome.

When will Gaza rule Palestine ??
When will the New-Nero's ever learn ,
that :
Might without the Right
is not worth the Fight !!

Raja Chemayel
aspiring to become a poet , while the inevitable is faster.....

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