Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tolerance , Terrorism and Trauma's

A Hezbollah-Captain was assassinated.
The West called him once a Terrorist.
And I ask you , what shall I call his assassins ?

He took the arms to defend his own occupied country ,
he defended the widows and the orphans
of all religions and of all sects...
thus the West must have called him the tolerant-Terrorist.

He is accused of blowing up 242 US-Marines
while they were armed and in uniform and on duty
and residing in a foreign country
that has never invited them to come.

Two kilometres away , on the same day and hour,
183 French Marines found out that Lebanon is not France.

On that day the USA and France experienced
the Trauma of Terrorism.

Five years later the Mossad blows up
a Jewish house of retirement in Buenos-Aires ,
14,750 Km away from Beirut........and they accused him .
and I call this act..... Intolerant-terrorism.

You cannot punish a Terrorist
You cannot reward a Trauma.

One third of the Lebanon is fighting against Israel
and look what happens !!
How would it be when two-thirds of Lebanon
shall fight that intolerant-traumatic-Terrorist .....Israel.

Hezbollah just offered us yet another Martyr
how can we thank them ?..........we cannot !!

Only the Almighty can ! and shall....

Today Lebanon is burying a Hero and a Martyr
and if what he has done were to be Terrorism ,
then....... I welcome such Terrorism !!

Raja Chemayel

PS :
Rafik el Harriri is also commemorated today
and also called " Martyr " (Shaheed)
if this was the case.....
then Rafik Harriri was an awfully-rich-Martyr !!
who died even richer........

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