Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A salut to the Arch-Bishop of Canterburry

The Bishop of the Canterbury, the highest authority in the Anglican Churches and somehow the counter-partto the Catholic Pope , has made news lately.
He has proposed to offer an open-ear to the Sharia laws whereby some parts of it may be integrated into the British Law.
I welcome this proposal and congratulate the Anglican Churchfor having such an honest and open-minded Arch-Bishop.
Being myself a Christian-Arab , and more precisely a Protestant-Christia n-Arab , I am lucky to be able to understand the huge and numerous similarities between Islam and Christianity.

My late father used to say :
" I wish that the Prophet Mohammad could have had the correct version
of the Bible in his hands , and equally I wish that Martin Luther could have
read the holy Koran"
But my case is irrelevant here , what I welcome and salute is the open-mind of that Arch-Bishop who admitted that partsof the Sharia could be compatible and non-contradicting and practically applicable to the modern-day-Brittan.
You will surely can guess who has complaint against those Bishop's remarks and what reaction has come from the controlled media.
As a Christian who speaks Arabic as his mother tongue , I have no problem at all in understanding the Sharia , from the social point of view and also from the practical and legal sides.
How many of my readers do know that in Sharia Law , for example, if and when a Husband cannot satisfy his wife's sexual-needs for a period longer than seven weeks.....the wife is then entitled to ask for an official divorce ??
And how many of my Muslim friends do know that here in the (Christian) Netherlands , marital-adultery is not a reason for demanding of a divorce....? ?
Meaning that if a Dutchman comes home to find his wife in bed with the whole national-football- team (11 persons) will not be a valid reason for asking to divorce her.....
Law and Justice are subject to many interpretations and even Justice is named after a person (Justinianus) although Justice is more important than any Law because the later is man-written.
But the Sharia is not man-written and who ever has written the Sharia never died !
and cannot die !! .
Back to the Arch-Bishop and to his recent proposal, I would like to add that I prefer to see Christian values being protect by Islam , than any other third religion
nor any atheist entity or system ....... like Democracy or a non-democracy.
Secularism is nice , but when it comes to human-values and religions ,one ought to be extra careful and more vigilant.
Secularism is good to write a law about the speed of my caron the highway , but for human and humane matters we need God and any God-written- laws and not any man-made-rules. ...

I congratulate Great Britain for this Great Arch-Bishop
because GB needs such great-open-minds ,
after that shameful catastrophe and filth , called : Tony Blair....

Raja Chemayel

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