Monday, March 2, 2009

The Donor's of Gaza

The Pathetic Conference of Hypocrisy

A donor's conference for Gaza
will take place in Egypt, this week..

I remember in the 90's that so many donors
poured their money into Gaza only to see it
demolished later by the Israelis
and equally all the donors stopped their donations
after Hamas has won the elections... .

Who is fooling whom ??

Money comes to Gaza just to build life-size-targets
on which Israeli-planes and artillery will practise ,one day.

Money comes in Gaza just to build a fake-democracy
that ,some day, is supposed to kiss the bottom of the West ??

So when a clean-national- liberation- movement wins that election
this money stops and the Israelis come in with their tanks ??
because a clean-national- liberation
does not do what a donor, nor what an occupier ,wants.

What donations ??

and who are the donors , this time ??
Tony Blair and Hilary Clinton ??
....again !!

Today , and 40 days after the cease-fire ,
not one bag of cement has entered into Gaza !!
many reporters are also forbidden inside Gaza

You guess why !!

I suggest that the donors keep their money , this time
and allow us FREEDOM AND LIBERATION, instead .

Raja Chemayel

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