Sunday, March 1, 2009

The endangered-species and the dangerous-species
those are the dangerous-endangered-species

In the south-west of France
at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains-chain
the French Farmers are complaining to the authorities
that Wolf are attacking their lambs.

Those Wolfs are declared as endangered-species
and are thus, protected by environment- laws .

In the Occupied Palestine ,
Palestinian Farmers are complaining to the world
that Israeli-Settlers are attacking their soil
and planting their new-settlements.

The French Wolfs are protected by an environment- law
but who, or what, is protecting the Israeli-settlers ??.

Wolfs should eat wolfs , and leave the Lamps alone and safe
Israeli Settlers should go and re-settle , in Warsaw ,
Kiev and in Vilnius .

Israelis, especially (and some of the Jews)
are not an endangered-species
but rather a dangerous-species.

Raja Chemayel

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