Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am not a Banker nor a Muslim

I am not a banker and I am not a Muslim.
But I do trust Islam far more than all the banks.

Lately, the financial-world went up-side-down
and banks are now worth only their real-estate- values , almost.

Billions and Billions are pumped into a cadaver
called the stock-market or the world-of-finance.

Industries are not spared neither,
Jobs are lost and the future is dark.

One sleepless night,
I watched a TV documentary about
the "ethics of finances" and "banking-ethics"
which are applied in the Western-world.

One phrase by the commentator struck me,
when he said :
" ....such an occasional high moral standards in the West ,
is only normal and constant among the Islamic-banks. ....." unquote

Then I started cruising in my mind and in my memory,
looking for any recent or even old financial-scandals
among any Islamic-bank.
And I could not find any example , not remote nor recent.

There must be some magic formula
that Islamic-banks do apply constantly
that keeps them solid and irreprochable.

I do not know it precisely because
because , I am neither a Muslim nor a Banker.

Also , only yesterday ,
I was trying to explain to my children
how come Halal-food is healthier than my normal-christian- cooking.
But I could not convince them why and they decided to refer
rather to a Medical person , instead of me.

What I fear now ,
is that my children will ask me , very soon,
to explain how come Muslim Banks are more solid than others
and also why the Christian-financial -world is run by "non-Christiansm"
and never by the Muslims !! ( or by the Shariaa-laws )

I honestly do not know the correct answers,
therefore it is time ,maybe for me , that I become a banker,
or even better , I become a Muslim !!

Raja Chemayel

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