Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it is winter , in Gaza

Liberty today, uses a tunnel
Freedom has to crawl in it , too.

Baby-Milk comes via a tunnel
the hope for dignity , too.

Abbas has a private-jet
Hannyah goes only on his knees for God ,
and for the Tunnel , too.

Olmert has all the F 16 jet-fighters
Nathaniahu has even more
Hilary has a big Boeing 737
and Mashaal has the Tunnels,
and God and the people , too.

Mubarak and Barrack
will collect the donor's money
the Gazzeans suffocate in their Tunnels
instead of suffocating from the Israeli-sieges.

Why can't the tunnels see the light
is humanity forbidden ??

Why not building a tunnel
between the Truth and the Western-Media
why not building a tunnel
between the Truth and Zionism ??

There is a light at the end of each tunnel
there is no light in Zionism,
which is born out of darkness
and leading into a worse darkness.

Give me those tunnels ,
instead of the occupation
and I shall also kneel for them,
instead of kneeling for the occupiers...

Raja Chemayel

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