Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do not blame me .......blame Benyamin Nataniahu !!
The man who killed Isaac Rabin !!!

Isaak Rabin was killed on behalf of
Benyamin Nathaniahu.. ..

Not that I regret loosing Rabin ,
but I doubt than anyone else has done it
but Mr. B . Nathaniahu , meaning his clan.....

When the only positive results of Oslo
were starting showing-up on the ground
and it started appearing as if the Oslo-agreements
were to be anything fruitful.... ..

That is when the Nathaniahu-clan made its move
by sending indirectly a young fanatic Israeli, with a gun.....

Not that I regret loosing Rabin
but I would have preferred to loose Nathaniahu , instead.

If "Peace" ever existed in the Israeli-vocabulary
or in the Israeli-strategy ,
Isaak Rabin was doing the wrong thing
in the wrong time and at the wrong place......

Rabin's mistake was to replace "our Submission" by "Peace"

Nathaniahu has sent a "real-israeli" to do what
any honest-real- genuine-israeli would do:
to kill the Peace....... to kill Oslo-Circus
to kill the Oslo-illusions. ......
and it was done !!

In the meantime
the PLO signed a partial-submission,
Jordan took down its pants, again
Qatar allowed a kind of Embassy for Israel
and the Marroco-Monarque droped his veil......
Tunisia followed
and Husny Mubarak said
" I told you so !!! didn't I
prostitution is not a sin , anymore !! "

Rabin is gone , Oslo is burried ,
Abu Ammar is murdered , The Doctor died of natural causes
Abbas , the impotent, rules a vacuum...... inside a prison
and here comes back and again Benyamin Nathaniahu
the Angel of Death and the undertaker.

Now , Nathaniahu shall nuke Tehran
and shall bomb Damascus , Beirut
and Khartoum too.

Why Khartoom , as well ???
just to hit the Nasser Water Dam at Asswan
and to flod Egypt ..........." by mistake ".....of course
for which he shall apologies to Obama later on.

Apocaliptic ??? yes !!!

But , do not blame me , blame Nathaniahu !!!
he inspired this text.

Raja Chemayel

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