Thursday, May 28, 2009

" Normalisation "
Translation :
" Hurry up !!
because you have a meeting about the Normalisation

at 11.00 am.
and later at 12.00 you have a Peace-negotiation

and at 16.00 hrs a meeting on the siege of Gaza "

Normalisation , with an enemy is a treason
Normalisation , with the oppressor is a submission
Normalisation, with the occupier is collaboration
Normalisation , with the colonialist is opportunism
Normalisation, with Israel is high-treason and defeatism

May I suggest we bring all those business-people
and all industrialists who are taking part in that
"Normalisation" into a Popular-Court of Justice
even if it were "legal" to do so !!!

What is the use of "legality"
when it is immoral ???

Raja Chemayel

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