Friday, May 29, 2009

The Peadophile in the West-Bank

Settlements and rapists are, now ,under control....

There is a paedophile-rapist in the West Bank.
President Barrack Obama has caught him
and demanded that he stops all his activities.....

Nataniahu promised to partialy stop , but,
only sparing the new-victims....

Nataniahu asked to be allowed to proceed
with the existing victims.

Should we allow the continuation of harm to the old-victims
and then to call the sparing of the new-victims , as a progress ??
Is this a "peace-progress".......
according to Nataniahu and Obama .

Paedophiles are , first, sick people
and criminals secondly.
Zionist are
, first , criminals
and sick-people secondly.....

Sherlock Hommos
assistant to Dr. Sigmund

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