Monday, June 1, 2009

Obama's speech in Cairo

Obama's speech

the eternal-capital


I came to you with a message of Peace,
this Peace is for Israel, of course,
and not necessarily for the Arabs.
The Bible of Hegemony said so.

I came to you with the promise to end up the occupation
and indeed the Arabs-of-Israel may no more occupy
their own homes , and would have to move out....
The Bible of Hertzl said so.....

I came with the promise to terminate the settlements
on the West Bank ......
because we simply are going to annex it,
and call it also "Israel" .
The Bible of Ariel said so.

As for the Golan ,
it shall no more be an occupied-land
but a part of the Kingdom of Salomon .
The Bible of Benyamin said so.

The four Million Palestinian Refugees
do not exist anymore !!
and to mention them ,
or to mention their mysery,
shall be punishable by law .
The Bible of the Knesset said so.

Only the Holocaust took place
and nobody else , ever died !!

Changes are now implemented !!
Changes are now taking shape !!
Changes are hereby delivered !!

As for the inhabitants of the West Bank
they may choose to run-away and hide
under the boots of King Abdullah
or to go and die , once more , in Sabra and Chatila
or to be relocated in Kurdistan , for ever.
The Bible of Congress said so.

As for Gaza ,
it shall be evacuated, depopulated
and turned into a Nature-Reserve- Park
for the sub-tropical- Sea-Birds.
The Bible of ecology said so.

Changes are coming !! as you see....
and only my promises to the promised-lands will be kept.

Should you disagree or disobey me ,
I shall take my revenge on you ,
as follows :

I shall maintain Hosny Mubarak and his Gestapo
ruling on both sides of the Nile .

I shall maintain the Royal-Wahhabi' s-clan
guarding my oil-wells and your precious Qaaba .

I shall maintain Iraq , unmaintainable

I shall maintain Lebanon, ungovernable

I shall maintain Syria , isolated and demonised

I am the ruler of the Earth
never mind if I was born a Muslim.....
Look around you, how many other Moslem's are
your own tyrants !! ??

Never mind if I converted to Christianity
look around you, how many Christians
have committed genocides ,
injustices and colonialism ??

Do not mind any religion
it is all about power...
the power to shape the others ,
without ever changing one-self
the power of promising anything
and then doing nothing ......or everything.

My name is Barrack son of Hussein Obama
born on the USA-Colony-of- Honolulu
from an African Muslim father,
I am member of a Black-Church because
the whites would not let me in their's ........

I am black . but I serve the White-Ashkenazim
I once was a Muslim but now I serve the Christian-Zionists !!
They, after all , have made me the President.

No contradictions here ,
because my power justifies what I want to do ,
and my ultimate-power, justifies everything you will suffer .

Power justifies slavery, imperialism
and even Zionism.....
Power makes me change my colour
and my religion too....

I became White and American and Imperialist
the day when I entered the US politics
who can tell me now :
no !!.......... .... you are Black and Moslem.
I am now white as Michael Jackson is
and as white as Tipzi Livni is a Semite ....

Look at me, here in Cairo , on the Nile
in the once capital of Arabism.....
and now you all are cheap-cheeps ,
are standing here an listening to anything I would say,
you believe me.........because you fear me !!
I can feed you ............ as much as I can rule you !!

Where is now El Raiiss ???......
who once made you free-men .

Would El Sayyed take his place ??
and kick me out of the Canal ??

You are now spectators of your own enslavement
You are now witnesses of your own submission

I am the Obama from Omaha and Nebraska
I am the Obama from Alabama and Louisiana

I am the Obama from Oklahoma and Alaska
I am the Obama from the empire of evil.......
and you are only my wet-Rats on the Nile !!

Shut up !! turn back !!
............ and go peacefuly back home !!!
and pick up your chains , on your way out !!

Thank you !! and God bless the USA.......

Original text by :
Shlomo Goldberg, speech-writer
Translation by :
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom, double-agent
Copyright : Blue Star Publications Tel Aviv -Amman -Cairo


globe said...

I am black . but I serve the White-Ashkenazim
I once was a Muslim but now I serve the Christian-Zionists !!
They, after all , have made me the President.

this phrase made me think ...

thanks a lot for the post

Тлакскала said...

Dear Globe ,

my you never stop thinking !!