Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My reply to Obama's speech

Wanted....more Snipers in Cairo

Dear readers ,

I have read the full-text of the Obama's speech
which was written by Mr. Shlomo Goldberg
and translated by Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom.

Nonetheless I still think that many questions remained
unanswered and even un-asked.
and I would like them to be addressed
and possibly solved :

what makes Obama and the USA think that
if ever all Arab states would , by miracle, become Democratic,
that they would then accept that aggressor-state of Zion ??
What does Democracy has to do with restoring a stolen-country ??

If Obama is convinced that the new-settlements are illegal,
why not the whole of the Land of Zion ??
what was the difference ??
both were stolen !!

If and when the USA wanted to implement Democracy
in Iraq , how come it replaced the secular-modern-republic of Iraq
by a lot of Mullahs , a lot of War-Lords and a lot of Tribal-chiefs ??
and is the case of Afghanistan any success ??

How could the entity that keeps Israel alive and healthy
become a broker between Israel and its victims ???

Does President Obama wear a bullet-proof-jacket in Cairo
while it will be full of Israeli-agents with long-range-rifles ???

I wonder if any of you could forward those 5 questions
to Mr. Shlomo Goldberg so he may prepare the answers,
for thursday's show ....Thank you .

Sherlock Hommos

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