Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama has spoken !!

the far more better Star
of the Cairo-show-business

Indeed Obama has spoken !!
and the audience has applauded for Obama
41 times in 47 minutes
which is a record by any standards ,
not even Umm Kalthoom got so far......

Never mind my sarcasm ,
Mubarak´s secret services were again rather active.....

A long and colourful speech where no applause's
could be heard when Israel´s arguments were mentioned
like " Persecution , Third Reich , 6 Million victims and
the right of a Home-land... ..
even such an audience could not be fooled , again
and even the clowns of Mubarak in that audience
knew much too well , that the misery of the Jews
is not due to Palestinians nor to Arabs nor to Islam
.........and therefore nobody applauded there !!

Two words strike me as the tone to that speech
which had no surprises nor any innovative-spirit.

For Israel , Obama used the word "unbreakable"
For Palestine Obama used " Undeniable"

My short answer is that ,
it is not a sin to brake the unbreakable
because unbreakable is not a god-given-quality
but it is indeed a sin to deny the undeniable
which the USA has done the last 61 years .

All in all a nice show !!
but an afternoon at the circus would have been more fun !!

Raja Chemayel
undeniably breakable
4Th of June 2009
42 years after I lost my Jerusalem to the unbrakable pirates-impostors

إنّ التاريخ لن يرحم كلّ من اعترف بإسرائيل

ومن اعترف بأيّ حق للصهاينة المجرمين على أيّ شبر من فلسطين

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