Friday, June 5, 2009

The day after that speech.....until the next full-moon
many did not care for that speech....
they had some grocery-shopping to do.

How many Americans shared those new-views
of Obama´s ??

How many US-politicians ever agreed
with what he just promised us ??

How many even from White-House- staff ,
would call
the Palestinian- cause ,

How many out of the Oval-office- inner-circle
do believe what their own boss has just said ??

In whose name did Obama speak ??

For someone like me ,
who has spend a quarter of a century
in Marketing and in Public-Relations ,
I can easily identify a PR-ploy ,
a sales-stunt ,
an image-brush- up
a face-lifting
or the launch of an advertisement- campaign.

If and when ,
Obama and the USA were to be honest:
a group of 100 observers should fly,
this week-end, and not later,
to Palestine and to report immediately and fairly
whether the new-settlements- building , will stop.

This is less than a minimum
of what should be done, as a start !!
if the validity of this speech
would want to survive

until the next full-moon.

Raja Chemayel

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