Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This last decade......

Afghans fleeing away
from the
"US and NATO Democracy..."

In this last decade ,

how many civilians were killed by Al Qua'eeda
and how many killed by the USA-armies ???

How many prisoners/hostages are held by the USA
and how many by Al Qua'eeda ???

How many " collateral-victims" died thanks to the USA
and what was Al Qua'eeda's share ???

How many fire-power and bombs were consumed
by each party ??? and who did more ???

There are doubts on the origins
and about the substance of Al Qua'eeda
but do we doubt what and who are the US-Armies ??

If Al Qua'eeda did New-York ,
then who did Afghanistan and Iraq ???
and why do we have today
1,5 million Pakistanis refugees ???
3 million displaced Afghans ,
and 4 million Iraqi refugees ???

Those refugees are all running away from Al Qua'eeda
from the Talibans , from Genghis Khan
or from the USA ???

I do not support Al Qua'eeda ,
nor do I believe it exists,

but are the USA any better ??
and who has harmed me, and the world, more !!! ???

Raja Chemayel

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