Monday, January 12, 2009

David and Goliath of the 21St.

by Ben Heine
The Goliath of the 21st.Century
while David converted into Islam.

The head of Hamas ,Mr. Khaled Masha'al, declared yesterday :
"we shall not stop the fighting
we shall not accept any cease-fire
we shall not accept any mediation's from either Palestinians
nor Arabs nor Foreign powers .
Israel has left us no other choice ,
nor does Israel deserve
any other treatment from our side .
"We all can learn here a lesson in bravery
in ethics and in heroism..... .
besides that........... what could any Gazzean loose,now ,
or later or ever ??
When you are fighting the Devil himself ,
does anything else still scare you ??
When you have nothing to loose ,
could you loose anything more ??

Did David ask for mediations when he was fighting Goliath ??
Did David ask the opinion of Sarozy or Mubarak first ??
Did Goliath complain about that stone which David
was going to throw on him ??

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