Friday, January 16, 2009

"To recognise Israel"

Time changes borders but not the Truth

Each and every time
any country or organisation or even any party
wanting to have recognition and acceptance
within, and from the Western-world,
it is asked ........." to recognise Israel."
Even Spain and Greece were asked to do it
before being allowed entrance to the European Union.
All the East-European- countries did it also
as a precondition to entering the same EU.
Anwar el Saddat did it the hard way
King Hussein of Jordan did it also
before getting even richer .....
Fine with me , one is also free
to recognise the Devil or even AIDS
as ,equally, one is free not to recognise
anything or anyone.
But when it comes to recognising
the State of Israel , there comes
attached to it "the right to exist"
I for example , fear and recognise AIDS
but not it right to exist.....
Besides this philosophic argument,
there is another practical and fundamental question :
Where is Israel ? where does it start
and where does it stop ?????
what and where are its borders ??
because there are a multitude of border-lines
1947 -1948- 1956- 1967- 1973- 1978
1982 the ever growing size
of those illegal settlements.
If you rewind history , you will soon
find out that there never was a State
nor a Kingdom called Israel.
There were indeed some Jewish-Kings ruling
the Land of Canaan temporarily and with intervals.
While the land was never exclusively inhabited by Jews.

A cumulative addition of the periods with a Jewish-King
come to a total of 170 years only
while the Greeks and the Roman-Byzantines
ruled it longer than that........ each seperatly
and the Ottomans even longer
and the European-Crusaders stayed 93 years
in Jerusalem and 200 outside Jerusalem .
So if you want to consider a piece of land
with a Jewish King as being a Jewish-land
then even then the Jews were minoritarian
in the chronology of History.
If you want to count history by the
presence or the abscence of any Religion
then Judaism was the shortest-period of all.
Back to any Jewish-state ,to be known as "Israel"
I would place it in Khazaria,
which was Jewish populated with a Jewish ruler
for a period of 400 years and non-stop too.
Also Yemen has had a Jewish King (or kings)
Even Damascus has had once a Jewish ruler..
So next time the White-House or European-Union
or the Devil,himself, asks you to recognise "Israel"
aske them to draw you the Map-of-Israel
and keep a copy for the later refences.... .
Raja Chemayel

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