Friday, January 16, 2009

The Humanism-meter

The Humano-Meter
prototype, Patent-Pending

If there were a "Humanism-meter"
with which one could measure
"Humanity" or rather to measure the the inhumanity
of a person , of a regime , a party or of a country.....

That would be practical :
we plug the Humano-meter in ......
and measure what has happened to Gazza
and what has happened to the Warsaw-Ghetto.
or Tia-Ming-square
or Sabra and Chatilla
or Theresin
or Jennin
or Dachau
or Hiroshima
or.....any place or accident you wish to measure .

I do not mind measuring each every massacre
even we can measure what has happened to Sederot...
and also measure the "why" of each "what"...

Do you think that Israel would allow such a gadget ???
(or would that be , also , Anti-Semite ?

Sherlock Hommos

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