Thursday, January 15, 2009

History started with the first Hamas Rocket ??

A rocket...... to start History

Most of the Israeli-commentator s-politicians
are repeating the same argument that
"Israel has evacuated Gazza and
that consequently there are no more
settlements in Gazza" (no more occupation)
Therefore Gazzeans must shut up and be happy
and that there are no reasons left over
to the animosity and firing of rockets.
In other words Israelis are sayingto the world .
" Look we evacuated Gazza and they
are still shooting at our children !!"
Needless to remind the world that
Israel kept Gazza besieged , by air
land and sea and not one piece of bread
reached Gazza without Israel's permission.
The other tactic was to isolate Gazza fromPalestine
and from the geopolitics of this conflict too.
As if Gazza were a different land, country or different people
as if Gazza would be another Cyprus , for example .
May I remind (or inform) those who forgot
and those who never knew, that the population
of Gazza originated 80% from the stolen-Palestine
which is now called "Israel-proper ".
So when a Gazzean sends a rocket to Sederot (or Ashkalom)
which was originally his or her own hometown , now occupied
and re-baptised with a Hebraic-new- name..... ...
he is bombing his own (stolen) hometown !!
in order to liberate it from the occupiers.
So when Israel claims to have "evacuated Gazza,"
it has practically evacuated only the prison where
its victims were , but Israel has kept the stolen loot !!
Thus , Israel-hypocrisy must not be rewarded
and the world's-naivety must be injected with truth and knowledge !!
History did not start when Hamas sent the first rocket
nor does History stop when Israel evacuated Gazza !!.

Raja Chemayel

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Hi Raja, this is a wonderful blog. I just you found via DesertPeace and will be a frequent visitor from now on.